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While for many, branding may be limited to creating an identity or the mark, but to us it is more complex. For us, branding is what Marty Neumeier describes as a gut feeling of a customer about a product, service or company. It is a process of connecting a good strategy with good creativity.  Our services are carefully crafted to cater to every aspect of branding. With every customer, we create an impression and our aim is to reach further to every last individual of your audience. It is only through the right branding, one can create the impact they desire.

Brand Identity Design

Certain symbols, imagery, colours or fonts remind us of the logos of certain brands. Similarly, there are particular colours that incite emotions without people realising it. This kind of branding is rooted in human psychology, playing on its characteristics to create a mark. With the right blend of research and artistry, ClayPotato can incite emotions and build a relationship between the audience and your brand by fashioning an Identity Design, making it difficult to forget your company or brand name.

Website Design

A website requires more than just products to display, it is the most important presence in the digital world and the most initial methods of letting the audience experience a product or service as they navigate through the website. It’s also one of the most essential things that increase the visibility of a brand in the public eye. ClayPotato can create the right aesthetic, interface, and overall website experience for you, which is the first and crucial step in interesting your target audience.

Brand Identity Design

Packaging Design

Don’t judge a book by its cover - but doesn’t the cover intrigue a reader. A product’s packaging is what attracts a customer at first sight. It’s the reason they decide to check it out. Understanding every client’s target audience, we can help you build a packaging that is just so you! Right from the material and colour, to the container style and wrapping, ClayPotato can design elegant and quirky packaging for your product to be the one picked by the customer. 

Marketing & Communication

At ClayPotato, we realise the importance of the right branding and marketing. To help you reach the masses is our goal. A mission to fulfill, a vision to reach or a message to convey, marketing is the answer. It’s simple to formulate a marketing plan, but achieving the desired results isn’t a piece of cake. Starting from word of mouth and now we’re here, at communicating through design. Trust ClayPotato to have the most captivating and eye-catchy communication designs to reach the right audience at the right place at the right time. 

Packaging Design
Marketing and communication
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