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Do you prefer it fried?

ClayPotato is a creative branding studio where we mould thoughts into impactful visuals and communicate what words can’t capture.


Inspired by some of Earth’s natural gifts – Clay and Potato, ClayPotato has aligned itself with the basic qualities of these two produce, to get the best for you! We adapt the malleability of clay, and the versatility of the humble potato, to skillfully shape brands the way they want to be perceived by their audience.



At ClayPotato, the magic never dies. We derive our inspiration from nature’s beauty in its purest form and strive to bring the best to the table. Just like our name, every innovation is well-thought and narrates a story.


Similar to the infinite potential of a simple ball of clay or a basket of potatoes, we want to give you the outcome that you’re looking for, with economical value. We work with companies that are new in the market and also that have been around for a while who looking for rebranding. 

Who are we


We believe that a strong foundation is essential to keep building and growing for a brighter and bigger future. Just like we unleashed our creativity by making potato stamps and carving clay figures from childhood days, we want to be a part of your journey from the initial steps, helping you mould your brand into a masterpiece to make your mark in this world.

From the malleability of clay to the limitless possibilities of the world’s most loved vegetable, we want to capture it all to deliver different, unique and flawless work to you. 

Here are our services


What we do



Even the best of candidates in an interview go blank as they try hard to dig inside and search for the answer. But here’s why you should pick us.


What us apart is our passion to inspire the world with our creations. We look for stars and shapes in the clouds, with our feet on the ground. Aiming for the sky, we take inspiration from the core of nature. To us, each client is a fresh slate. Before learning about every new client and starting work, we like to unlearn what we’ve known to give the same importance to all. And being perfectionists, we’re determined to make every outcome as brilliant as every potato dish! 

Why Us




Start your journey right and you’ll always reach your destination on time to catch that beautiful sunset! oin ClayPotato and watch the magic happen.

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